The cat and the canary



Our project goes beyond a live performance of a sound track while the screening of this silent movie. Our main concern is to create an immersive environment based not only on the images but also on the psyche of the film, as well as on the aesthetic and narrative approach proposed by the director. We do so by combining different aspects: sound researching, extended instrumental techniques, use of amplification, music composition through an assembled and improvisational work leaded by a composer – Jesús Navarro, Neopercusion's 2014 resident composer-, where all performers experience a collective and mutual understanding, with the aim to create a structured and ordered performance but, at the same time, with the freshness, spontaneity and the power of live improvisation. All this creates a perfect mix between instrumental and electronic music, creating a new unique sound, inspired and surprising.

JESUS NAVARRO, amplified piano, synthesizer, audio processors and music direction

ANTHONY OCAÑA, electric guitar, loopers, effects and audio processors

JUANJO GUILLEM, percussion and artistic direction

RAFA GALVEZ, percussion

IVAN FERRER, production

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